Team Doctors
Ira Smith M.D.
Team Physician

Dr. Ira Smith is a practicing Primary Care Sport Medicine Physician in Toronto and has been the Head Team Physician with the Toronto FC since the team’s inception in 2007. In addition to his duties with Toronto FC, Dr. Smith is one of several physicians that is responsible for the care of the varsity athletes at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Smith graduated from the University of Toronto’s Medical program in 1998 and completed a fellowship in Sports Medicine, also at the University of Toronto. His other professional sport experience includes being part of the medical staff of the Toronto Raptors from 2001-04. Dr. Smith has also been fortunate to travel with various Canadian amateur athletics including the Canadian Women’s National Basketball team as well as International and National figure skating championships.

Dr. Smith is a member of the MLS Concussion committee and has had a strong interest in the development of the MLS Cardiac Screening policy.